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Frequently asked questions about Pixeleco

Who owns Pixeleco.com?

Pixeleco.com is independently owned and operated by Pixeleco.

How do I set or unset Pixeleco as my home page?

It depends which browser you are using. Here are some instructions for changing your home page setting.

What is the aim of Pixeleco?

The aim of Pixeleco is to remind people of the need to take small steps every day to save energy. We do not expect the energy savings from Pixeleco to change the world on their own, but the point of Pixeleco is that every little bit counts. We hope that the flow on effect from people using Pixeleco and thinking more about other things they can do to save energy will make a significant difference. To further this flow on effect we have added a section to Pixeleco packed with energy saving tips.

Does Pixeleco save energy on LCD and CRT monitors?

There is a significant difference in energy consumption between black and white screens for CRT monitors. CCFL backlit LCD screens are less affected by color because of their constant backlight. However, new monitor technologies such as LED backlit LCDs screens, Plasma screens and OLED screens do not have a constant backlight so we will see larger energy savings with Pixeleco as these new monitors replace the old CCFL LCDs. While technology is constantly changing the need to take steps to save energy (even small amounts of energy) is constant.

Will Pixeleco be adding other features such as image search or a search toolbar?

We are investigating the best ways to improve Pixeleco. We will continue to focus on providing the best and most environmentally aware search that we can with Pixeleco.

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