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Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

1. Visit this http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/searchguide/en-en/default.mspx
2. In URL field type "http://gr.pixeleco.com/search.html?cx=partner-pub-5618677546629114%3A6406199247&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&q=TEST&meta=#1080" without the quotes.
3. In Name field type "Pixeleco Black Search".
4. Leave Character Encoding to UTF-8.
5. Press the button "Install". (Finish)
1. Install the "Add to Search Bar" extension from Mozilla add-ons.
2. Restart Firefox.
3. Browse "www.pixeleco.com" site or any pixeleco subdomain you'd like to search from the search bar.
4. Right-click in "pixeleco.com" input search bar and choose Add to search bar.
5. Type the name you'd like Firefox to display when no search parameters are entered. This will appear in grey. (ex. Pixeleco Black Search)
6. Accept the icon or browse to choose another on your PC.
7. Enter a keyword (optional).
8. Click OK. (Finish)


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